Friday, August 7, 2009

Self-Writing Blogs = Make Yourself Some Money!

This is a really cool way to make money blogging, and flipping blogs, and it's so freakin' simple.

One guy is using this method to flip blogs (at a price of $300-400) a day - on a daily basis...and yeah he's flipping more than one a day!

It takes maybe an hour to set it up and there's nothing to it once you know what you're doing. Justin, the creator of this system, is a website flipping maniac. He makes a serious living from flipping sites.

Justin shows you via video, step-by-step how to set up your self-writing blogs. And in the video he interviews his friend who flips blogs for a living and he tells you how he's selling his blogs for over $900 each, with no traffic or revenue yet...yeah, that's a nice little extra! The blogs are ranked in the search engines and you're taught how to easily monetize them.

This is normally sold in Justin's master program (that I think goes for like $500) but for a limited time he's selling it outside of the program for 1/5th of that.

It's really cool and I couldn't believe how simple it really is. We all know about making money blogging but that's more work than this is. To make money by blogging takes quite a bit of time unless you're already somebody huge but to make money using this method can be done the same day.

If you go there and Justin has taken the offer down already, pleaes let me know so that I can close this post. I've asked him to let me know when it comes down but I know he's crazy busy so you might find out faster than me LOL.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Article Submitter - Less than the rest and customizeable

NOTE: This $19.99 special has been arranged for my readers only. You won’t get it anywhere else.

Okay….guess what - if you purchase the Article Submitter within the next 7 days, you will get it for $12.99. Click here to get it at that price: Article Submitter Special $12.99

—–> I will be taking that price down, you can bet on it.

Articles are one key to SEO and driving traffic. One of the things that takes the longest time is actually submitting the articles.

So, like everything else - why not make the process easier? Use an Article Submitter to submit your articles to as many article directories as you like.

There are a lot of Article Submitters out there but I like this one because it’s so simple to use and totally customizable. You just enter all of your personal info once and save it.

Then YOU decide which article sites you want to submit to. There are a bunch of article submission sites set up in this submitter already but again, it’s totally customizable and you can add, edit, or delete article submission sites as you see fit.

Just spend a little time deciding which article sites you want to submit to in the beginning, customize your submitter to submit to these sites and be done with it.

Some article submitters are set up to submit to tons of useless or irrelevant sites. Not this one.

You can add, edit and delete your articles; set it to auto fill or manual fill; and, again, totally customize it to your needs alone.

Not only that, but I’ve gotten a deal for my readers to get it for $19.99. Really can’t beat it. Twenty bucks to totally customize and automate your article submissions. Can’t spend all day submitting just one article can you? Well, maybe you can. But I’m always a fan of automation. I’ve said it a hundred times and I’ll keep saying it - there is just way too much to do to dedicate all of your time to one part of your marketing or promotions.

I have tried a couple of the free article submitters and never found one I really liked. Most of the other’s out there range from $30+ to in the hundreds.

This thing is so simple to use. frees up your time, gets your articles where YOU want them to be and costs what it takes to feed a family of 3 lunch at a fast food restaurant one time.

Get it here: Article Submitter Make My Submission Life Easier!

If you’re purchasing within the 7 day special price week, use the link at the top to get it for $12.99! I promise that will disappear.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Free Social Bookmarker - bookmarks 40+ sites

Social bookmarking should be a "to do" on everyone's marketing list. It's a great contributor to traffic and if you're not doing it - I must ask if you've been living under a rock?

But...the purpose of my post is to share a cool bookmarking tool with you. It will bookmark 40+ sites for you much faster than if you did it by hand. Just enter the URL, the title and your keywords and click "submit" and off it goes.

And it's free...we know how I love free stuff. And I'm sure you do too!

You do have to babysit it while it works but it's still WAY faster than navigating to each site by hand and bookmarking it. It takes way less than half the time it would normally take to do it by hand. I use it faithfully.

It's at

Now there are some paid for bookmarking and traffic tools I'm going to be blogging about soon but they are totally worth the investment if you're more than just a casual marketer. These are the tools the Gurus use and there is a reason.

It has taken me a while to step up to using some of the more expensive tools...I'm cheap and I built everything from the ground up using as much free stuff, or super cheap stuff, as possible and then putting profit back into the business. I just didn't have it like that to start out dumping money into tools. Plus I needed to learn my way around, the ins and outs, etc. first anyway.

I've talked about some of these types of products in the past but there are many more. We'll talk about some of that stuff later but I wanted to tell you about that tool in case you aren't using it yet!

Till later,

P.S. - I have another blog where I review products if you want to check it out. I cover things like Craigslist marketing, link building, and some of the stuff I've already talked about here.

You can check it out at Reviews - the 411

I should probably integrate the two eventually into 1 but I'll deal with that mess later! LOL

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Get Hundreds of One Way Links to Your Site in a half hour!

If you want a fast, free way to rapidly get tons of one way links to your site and increase your site's search engine rank I'm telling you this is it. I put it into action immediately after finishing the tutorial, complete with step-by-step videos, and I've already seen the difference in my traffic.

And what's even better is this is BRAND NEW info. It's always best to get into something when it first hits the market. The marketer that put this tutorial out has been using this technique for a while but it has not been public info until now.

Getting tons of traffic can be frustrating, Lord knows I know...after I figured out most of the other stuff I needed to know about marketing online, that was the biggest headache. And if you don't have tons of money to pour out on traffic, it makes it even more frustrating and time consuming. This program is really a Godsend when it comes to traffic techniques.

You can check it out at

And you can come back and thank me later!


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Social Marketing and Facebook - the next adwords

Okay, I'm excited to be in on some exciting new info. I don't even know where to start or what to say really!

My journey of freelancing with Internet Marketers, one in particular who is very successful and very well connected in the Internet Marketing world, has led me to learn a lot of new things and be in on some of the secrets amongst the Gurus and to be one of the first to learn about big developments.

This one is about Facebook. In a nutshell it's about how to make money with Facebook and why it is the next adwords.

Why is it so big? For one, Facebook is the second largest of the social networking sites. For two, this report has great info on how to monetize Facebook. For three, it's new info so not everyone is doing it yet...we all know how being one of the first to get in on the goods can benefit us.

Anyways, I just finished reading the report know it...I'm headed off to Facebook!

You can learn how to use social marketing to make money on Facebook here!

Sorry to be so short but I have a lot to do now!

Talk soon,

Friday, October 19, 2007

Virtual Freelance Guide eBook - PLR rights

Virtual Freelancing is a booming business. I've been in it for approximately a decade now and I've personally watched it grow and grow and grow. Years ago when I first jumped in a lot of employers were skeptical and a bit uncomfortable with the idea of someone working for them who wasn't right under their nose. Now, they're hiring virtual freelancers for everything. The demand has increased exponentially over the past few years especially with the growing Internet Marketing business. Internet Marketers generally work from their own home and as they grow they need assistance - so where do they find it = virtual freelancers. Of course, they are only a portion of the employers now hiring virtual freelancers.

With the growth of the demand has come the growth of more and more freelancers looking to make a living working from home. Problem is, only around 1 out of 10-20 freelancers has what it takes to land projects. It seems they think they can just jump in and start getting work. It's not that easy for most. While the demand has grown, employers are picky about who they hire because it's still risky in that you can't tell who's who from the other end of a computer. You've got 167 proposals for your position and all you have are words to figure out who to hire. Further freelancers are known to just disappear into thin air at times - leaving work half done, done improperly or not done at all.

Freelancers don't realize that the chips are stacked against them when it comes to bidding on projects and landing the job. Oftentimes they think their resume of on-site experience will get them in the door but this is not generally the case. It's simply not that simple. But it's not terribly hard either...if you know the Ins and Outs and what employers are looking for vs. what they're not looking for. There's a lot of competition out there for these virtual projects and you need to be one step ahead to come out the winner.

This is where the Virtual Freelance Guide comes in. This guide was written by yours truly, a Veteran in the freelance game. I've learned the hard way, by trial and error, by bidding on hundreds of hundreds of jobs and trying different methods. I searched through the thousands of freelance sites, I became a member of many. I've done all the research I think can be done over the years. Now that I'm very successful in my freelance business and also work from the employer standpoint, giving me even more insight on who gets hired, I thought I'd outline the Ins and Outs for other freelancers looking to really generate an income working from home.

The guide covers the pros and the cons of the business, whether or not to become a member of paid freelance sites, how to land projects and build your reputation, how to write a proposal that will get you noticed by employers, what to do and what not to do, billing and more. It's not filled with pages and pages of "filler" material. It's short (13 pages, a bit over 5k words) and to the point.

With that said, I believe it's a great tool for virtual freelancers. A time-saver from figuring out how to go about getting work and what you're doing wrong if you're already trying but not succeeding. Freelancers can get it here: Virtual Freelance Guide - Succeed in Your Virtual Venture. It's only $9.00 - a very small investment in your business.

From a marketing standpoint I'm offering a limited number of PLR to the eBook for $21. To purchase the PLR, please go here: Virtual Freelance Guide PLR (private label rights)

Best of luck in whatever virtual venture you are pursuing!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

If someone told you making money online happens overnight or is just easy THEY LIED!

Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post! I have made a couple of resolutions and to get back to posting frequently is one of them!

What have I been doing? Marketing and working! If anyone ever told you or tells you that making money online happens overnight or it's really easy, they're lying! Now, it doesn't take a rocket scientist, granted, but you definitely have to work at it (unless you can afford to hire someone to do all the work). If I see one more site, blog, advertisement, etc. that says that you can get rich practically overnight online I'm going to slap somebody! I make a decent living online but you can bet your bottom dollar I actually work!

No, you don't have to spend every waking hour working and yes you can work your way to a pretty nice income online but if you don't put any research and effort into it it's not going to happen. My goal is to create an online stream of income that eventually doesn't require a ton of work but I'm not envisioning just never having to be at my computer to do anything but transfer money to my bank account (again, unless I get comfy enough to pay someone to do all of my work, research, marketing, etc.) Besides, I love surfing around the Internet, coming up with new stuff, etc. so even if I get there you'll still find me around here somewhere!

With all of that said, I try to bring products and information to your life that has made my Internet Marketing life easier and more profitable for not too much, and sometimes free, as I continue along my online money making adventure.

I've been working on and checking out a lot of stuff lately and I have some great new tools and info to bring to you soon! There one's product I'm just itching to tell you about but the owner hasn't released it yet...but trust me, as soon as he does you'll be the first to know. It's an awesome marketing tool that I PROMISE will help you make money marketing MUCH FASTER. Whatever kind of marketing it is...affiliate marketing, direct marketing, whatever...this thing rocks and will totally rock your marketing world. I have NEVER been SO excited about a product! I actually made the tutorial videos for it so I know first-hand everything about it. Anyways...more about that later when it's released!!!

I'm working on a few things to tell you about that I have learned and implemented lately...and I'm finding myself transferring money into my bank account more often! So I promise to be back soon with new info for you =)

'till then,